This time around, a flawless annual report

Software for annual report preparation and disclosure management

The perfect disclosure management tool delivers a complete solution for preparing annual and management reports that are ready to print. All aspects of preparing consolidated financial statements are covered, from consolidation in LucaNet to the final generation of the report. Each step can be implemented by users themselves. Thanks to an import process that is easy to define, the tool for disclosure management will transfer all base data from LucaNet and will update all tables, figures in running text and even imported text values, showing you exactly which figures have changed since the last data import. An individually customisable workflow allows you to integrate a reliable check principle, with all changes shown transparently in a full audit trail.

What Disclosure Management looks like

The Certent solution streamlines the disclosure management cycle by automating your end-to-end external reporting cycle and connecting directly to your in-house financial systems.

Certent CDM from Certent on Vimeo.

Standout features of our disclosure management software

Software for annual report preparation must meet a range of specific requirements:

  • Easy data transfer from any source system
  • Internal validation options and guaranteed data consistency
  • Full audit trail
  • Flexible solution for preparing multilingual financial reports
  • Efficient management of report templates
  • Integration of tables, charts, numbers and running text
  • Direct access to data in LucaNet
  • Traceability when changes are made to the dataset
  • Simultaneous editing of report sections by multiple users, in combination with a dedicated permissions system
  • User friendliness
  • Integrated XBRL processor 

How expert software for disclosure management makes your job easier

Optimal integration

A direct interface connection to LucaNet makes it possible: tables, diagrams and numbers in running text can be filled with data directly from LucaNet, using a Word, Excel or PowerPoint format.

Consistent dataset

Validation and consistency checks ensure data quality. At the same time, a consistent presentation throughout different report sections is guaranteed.

Permissions system

An individually customisable role system with a workflow that can be specifically defined allows for a simple or detailed permissions system that completely matches your needs. 

Maximum transparency

The disclosure management software contains a host of tools to create transparency, such as dashboard features, comparison and versioning functions, and even comprehensive reports.

Multilingual capability

The software for disclosure management helps you to prepare multilingual reports but uses a shared base of numbers.

Print-ready layout

Numerous functions assist with laying out the report, from the print-ready report right through to the special interface for the InDesign design software. 

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