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Software for an easy data integration

A major challenge when it comes to introducing a Financial Performance Management (FPM) system is the consolidation and standardisation of data from different sources. LucaNet makes creating a uniform database child’s play: The FPM solution transfers all your data quickly, automatically and without complications, giving you a single point of truth and financial data you can trust 100%. 

How successful data integration works with LucaNet

Preconfigured interfaces

With over 200 preconfigured interfaces, we offer a unique range of plug and play interfaces for a wide variety of ERP and financial accounting systems.

Importing of all posting information

With its preconfigured interfaces, LucaNet can simply transfer all your posting information, such as cost centre/cost unit, partner codes and transaction types, from the corresponding source systems.

Automatic data transformation and augmentation

If necessary, data from the source system can be transformed during the import. A variety of transformation rules are available for this process.

Highest level of transparency

By just double-clicking, the drill down function in LucaNet enables you to track every posting down to the posting level for maximum transparency, right down to the scanned posting document.

Maximum flexibility

In addition to the preconfigured interfaces, LucaNet also offers you a freely configurable interface with MS Excel and a converter for relational databases. You can also use it as an easy way of reading Excel reporting packages.

Automatic account allocation

Benefit from automatic account allocation in our software, based on default or customisable charts of accounts. LucaNet makes it easy for you to define any charts of accounts or import predefined charts of accounts.

LucaNet’s key data connection functions

  • Over 200 standard interfaces with ERP and financial accounting systems
  • Flexible interface with MS Excel, including importing of freely configurable Excel reporting packages
  • Direct access from third-party systems
  • Import of all posting document information (e.g. cost centres/cost units, partner codes and transaction types)
  • Drill down to posting level
  • Status monitor for workflow support
  • Drill down of values based on IC debtors/creditors that need to be saved for summary accounts without partner codes
  • Automatic account allocation based on default or custom charts of accounts
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Data connection/transfer in LucaNet

With LucaNet, you can easily import and automate your financial data from a wide variety of source systems.
LucaNet offers over 200 standard interfaces to ERP and financial accounting systems plus direct access from third-party systems.

  • 42 REWE
  • AAREON Wodis
  • Abacus
  • Abas
  • Access Dimension
  • Addison
  • AFAS
  • AlphaWave BIOS
  • Ametras A.fibu
  • AMONDIS Finanzbuchhaltung
  • Apertum REWE
  • Baan B40
  • B-A-U ERP
  • Bauer Informationssysteme gmbH Integra
  • BMD
  • Brageso
  • BRZ
  • Cador
  • Canias
  • CEGID Business
  • Cegid Quadra COMPTA
  • CIEL
  • cimdata xdReco
  • CIP Finanzsoftware FI-GdPDU
  • Comarch
  • CSS

Addison • Addison tse:nit


BRZ.Domus • BRZ Finanz

Comarch ERP Enterprise • Comarch ERP XL • Comarch Financials DKS • Comarch Financial Schilling • Comarch SoftM

CSS eGecko • CSS FIX-Fibu

  • DCW Software AG ERP
  • Diamant Software Diamant/3 IQ
  • DokuShip ERP
  • E+S Finanzbuchhaltung
  • EBP Open Line
  • ECi Macola
  • eEvolution REWE
  • Exact
  • Fairmas
  • FibuNet
  • Filosof
  • Finago Procountor
  • Freitag GmbH Comet Exposé
  • GDI Finanzbuchhaltung
  • gff Perfacto
  • GIT WinEUR
  • godesys AG ERP
  • GSD FIBUFrame
  • GUS-OS Finance
  • Gypsilon

DATEV Kanzlei-Rechnungswesen • DATEV pro • DATEV pro (Excel) • DATEV pro GDPdU • DATEV pro KR-Export

Exact Globe • Exact JobBOSS

FibuNet • FibuNet Rechnungswesen

  • H&H proDoppik
  • Hagebau Datendienst Prohibis
  • Helios
  • HS-Fibu
  • IBM
  • IFS (Oracle)
  • Infor
  • Intuit Quickbooks
  • Jeeves
  • Lawson M3 Movex
  • Lexware
  • Lobos 3.X
  • Mega
  • Mesonic WinLine FIBU
  • Microtech
  • Mosaico
  • MRI Software MRI für Windows
  • Microsoft

Helios Green • Helios Orange

IBM ACG • IBM Finanzbuchhaltung

Infor ERP LN • Infor Global Financials • Infor MAS90

• Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central • Microsoft Dynamics AX • Microsoft Dynamics C5  • Microsoft Dynamics GP • Microsoft Dynamics NAV • Microsoft Navision

  • Nemetschek
  • NetSuite ERP
  • Olymp REWE
  • Ordat Foss
  • Oxaion
  • PDS
  • PORTOLAN Commerce Solutions EVM
  • proAlpha ERP
  • Pro Concept ERP
  • PRO Handwerk REWE
  • ProRewe
  • Quadriga Informatik
  • Ramsauer & Stürmer - RS2
  • RIB ARRIBA Finanzen

Nemetschek Bau financials • Nemetschek Crem iX-Haus

PDS Abacus • PDS Feed-X

  • Sage
  • SAP
  • SBS Rewe
  • Schleupen ERP
  • Simba
  • SoftOne Technologies SoftOne
  • Step Ahead REWE
  • Streit V.1
  • syska
  • Topix Business Software Topix 8
  • UNIT4
  • Varial Guide
  • VEDA j-ware
  • Wilken
  • WinDirect ERP
  • Xpert.Line
  • XBA Rechnungswesen
  • Xero
  • Yayoi

Sage 100 Advance ERP 2015 • Sage 300 ERP 2012 • Sage 50 Quantum Accounting US Edition •Sage bäurer Finanzmanagement • Sage BOB 50 • Sage Classic Line • Sage Deutschland Sage 100 • Sage Evolution Premium • Sage France Sage 100 • Sage GS-Buchhalter • Sage New Classic • Sage Office Line Evolution • Sage Schweiz 200 • Sage Schweiz 50 • SageStart • Sage UK Sage 200 • Sage 200c Spain • Sage UK Sage ERP 1000 • Sage x3 Financial Accounting

SAP Business ByDesign • SAP Business One • SAP Business Suite • SAP S4 HANA

syska EURO FIBU • syska SQL REWE

UNIT4 Agresso Wholesales • UNIT4 Business Software Agresso Business World

Only LucaNet simplifies complexity

data connection in lucanet

Maximum transparency thanks to easy access to the relevant source system postings via the account sheet.

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