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License Considerations:

#1 Consider the number of active legal entities that are likely to be included in your solution.

#2 How many different underlying data sources do you wish LucaNet to connect to?

#3 If you are not connecting to underlying general ledger sources for actual data, then is information to be collected using remote forms?

#4 The number of users that will be READ ONLY.

#5 The number of users that will be both READ AND WRITE.

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Platform *
Note: If you are looking for capabilities for cost centre consolidation and planning within a legal entity then only select Single Entity.
If all your information is to be loaded from text files and/or spreadsheets then this will be ONE data source.
Do You Require Transactional Drill Through? *
Please note it is only possible to provide transational drill through if LucaNet is connected DIRECTLY to underlying general ledger sources.
Do You Require The Ability To Capture Data Using Web Forms? *
If you are not uploading information from data sources (even just text files), then do you require the ability for users to enter data via remote web forms?
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