LucaNet.Registered Partner

As a LucaNet.Registered Partner, you are a member of our partner programme. This is where you recommend our software and we take on implementation and product training. This way you are able to round off your service portfolio with innovative and powerful software.

LucaNet.Certified Partner

Our LucaNet.Certified Partners offer services such as consulting, training and customisation in connection with LucaNet products. These companies have at least one employee who is trained as a LucaNet.Certified Professional. This ensures our high level of quality.

LucaNet.Certified Professional

Get training for yourself or for one of your employees as a LucaNet.Certified Professional! This entails attending a training course lasting several days, ending in a certification test. The exact duration of the training depends on the corresponding product line. Acquire an in-depth knowledge of the products! LucaNet.Certified Professionals stand out due to their high level of competency and first-class technical understanding (also of competing products).

Lucanet.Premium Partner

Our LucaNet.Premium Partners are LucaNet.Certified Partners who excel in light of their many years' experience and a number of successfully delivered projects involving LucaNet.

LucaNet.Technology Partner

Our LucaNet.Technology Partners are characterised by extensive technological know how as well as precise knowledge of the particular application market. With their software solutions, they represent a sensible strategic supplement to the product portfolio of LucaNet AG.

+ Your Advantages As A Certified Partner

  • Access to the partner network
    As a certified partner, you will receive access to our partner network with all important information about LucaNet AG and its products.

  • Newsletter
    We will regularly send you the newsletter, which will inform you about current information, like changes and additions relevant to partners.

  • Telephone-based support
    Take advantage of our telephone-based support, available to you in case of technical problems. This service will be offered to you for free.

  • Document of certification
    You will receive a document confirming your certification and will be authorised to use the LucaNet Certification logo. This will allow you to indicate your partnership with LucaNet AG and highlight your specialisation to customers and interested parties.

  • Partner version of the licensed material
    You will work with a licensed, fully functional version of the software module(s), certified only to you.