Accelerate Your Intercompany Accounting Process

Solving Your Data Collection Challenges with LucaNet Intercompany Software

Data collection and validation usually represents a significant challenge during preparation of consolidated financial statements. Different systems including manually created Excel-based reporting packages often produce wrong results and create roadblocks in your intercompany accounting process.

With LucaNet.Group Report you collect and validate all your company data in a structured, clear way and in a single software module. The integrated intercompany reconciliation function ensures the highest quality data as early as at the data-entry stage of the process. The corresponding clearing wizard identifies errors (e.g. incorrectly entered reconciliation IDs) in the process to save you from the tedious work of searching manually for errors.

See the benefits and features of our intercompany software module LucaNet.Group Report:

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+ Features

  • Individual configuration of report structure
  • Decentralised data collection via the web
  • Intercompany reconciliation of balance or individual documents in transaction currency incl. clearing wizard
  • Automated validation of data for completeness and consistency
  • Possibility to define individual test routines
  • Transparent presentation of the progress of processes by a status monitor
  • Monitoring of the approval process
  • Documentation of contents, processes and configuration of report structure
  • Export functions for the further data processing
  • Automated data transfer

+ Your Benefits

Simply reliable
LucaNet software is certified pursuant to the Institute of Auditors in Germany e.V. (IDW) audit standard PS 880 and is therefore compatible with all principles of proper accounting and control.

Simply connective
Apart from individually configurable converters to MS Excel, the LucaNet.Importer module provides a range of ready-to-use interfaces to all common ERP and financial accounting systems.

Simply flexible
LucaNet.Group Report lets you create individual forms for decentralised data collection. Excel reporting packages can also be replaced via the web-based data collection system.

Simply transparent
Intercompany reconciliation is absolutely transparent with LucaNet.Group Report. Data is automatically validated during collection, so that differences can be eliminated directly in the collection process.

Simply integrated data
LucaNet.Group Report is a system-independent tool that can be used with any consolidation software.

"As a medium-sized global player, we offer highly innovative solutions for our customers. We expect the same from our suppliers. We found an ideal partner in LucaNet. LucaNet impressed us right from the start. The software was quickly integrated into our business processes and has been running smoothly for us ever since, not least thanks to the competent, friendly and customer-focused consultants at LucaNet."