Lease Accounting Software that solves your IFRS 16 reporting straight out of the box


Save time and monitor your lease liabilities with a clear overview of all your lease contracts for easier reporting

The new IFRS 16 lease accounting requirements have fundamentally changed how leases are reported and accounted for and greater transparency is now the watchword. This has placed lease reporting systems which reply on spreadsheet-based processes in a very precarious position and companies are turning to automated lease accounting solutions to enable transparent and error-free IFRS 16 reporting. 

a straightforward importing process means that your lease contracts are visible now in a centralised app for ifrs 16

The LucaNet Financial Consolidation module is engineered for IFRS 16 management straight out of the box. Capture all of your lease contracts in one built-for-purpose system and solve your IFRS 16 challenges now.

LucaNet.Financial Consolidation was designed to make the Finance Department’s life easier by delivering solutions that work the way accountants need them to work. We save you time and enable fast and reliable reporting via intuitive, thoughtfully designed software that is implemented quickly and has high user-acceptance. Now read our White Paper and see if you are ready for IFRS 16.


LucaNet Delivers IFRS 16 Lease Reporting with these features

In an app that’s built-for-purpose:

Creates a centralised database from which to manage all of your leases

Saves all of your leases into one easy-to-manage centralised app. No more juggling separate databases and spreadsheets.

Easily import all of your existing lease accounting information & records straight into LucaNet

With over 200 LucaNet connectors, we routinely connect our client’s data systems together to provide them with a fully integrated reporting application.

LucaNet provides you with a full audit trail 

Ensures the accuracy and consistency of your lease reporting calculations and assumptions. Standard templates deliver consistent output when adding new leases.

Our reporting is transparent and facilitates pre and post IFRS 16 adjustments 

Drill down to the detail of your leases and ensure important details are recorded in every case for ultimate customer-specific information. 

"The design and easy operation of the software directly appealed to us. Apart from exchanging experiences with reference customers of LucaNet AG, the parallel reproduction of a financial statement compliant with the German Commercial Code and IFRS, and also the possibility to create planning scenarios in the software, have tipped the scales for LucaNet."