LucaNet software a Financial Performance Management market leader in 2018

LucaNet goes beyond Debits and Credits – we deliver Intelligence for Accounting

LucaNet provides software for the finance department that is focused on what you need and when you need to do it. And we design our software to enable your finance department to deliver true and insightful financial analytics to your business in a simple, easy-to-use interface that is quickly implemented and easily managed.

In short, LucaNet Financial Performance Management tools use our innovative technology to be user friendly and deliver the results that you require in a timely manner. 

What makes LucaNet a stand-out FPM application?

As the name suggests, Financial Performance Management, often abbreviated to FPM, is an office-of-finance-focused subset of the broader Performance Management field.

While FPM makes its home in the office of finance, its effects are felt throughout the organisation. LucaNet enables finance to advise operations about the financial consequences of business events quickly, and helps guide operations in their decision-making, so that decisions are aligned with the organisation's overall strategy.

For the office of finance of course, these FPM functions are in addition to the traditional financial processes needed to run the business. That is why the LucaNet vision for FPM embraces both the expanded capabilities outlined above  and those traditional duties that finance must perform in any large organisation.

LucaNet features a fully integrated, built-for-purpose suite of quality software apps for the finance department. Scroll down to read more and find out what we can do for your finance department and beyond.

Consolidate, Plan, Budget, Report and Collaborate with LucaNet

We make it easy to deliver intelligence from accounting to your business:

Easily connect to your databases and systems

LucaNet.Importer has over 140 connectors that will easily connect all of your disparate databases and systems and place them neatly into our proprietary financial warehouse ready for analysis, representing a huge cost saving over our competitors.

Faster and more adaptable financial close

LucaNet.Financial Consolidation will consolidate all of your group finances and guide you through the consolidation process with ease. Multi-currency and multi-language. Easily adaptable to include new accounting structures, mergers, and acquisitions.

Streamline your line-of-business reporting process 

LucaNet.Group Report solves the post-implementation headache of how to ensure the continuing requirement for users from across the business to report their figures in a timely and consistent process and eliminate errors from your figures.

Plan, budget, and forecast with confidence 

LucaNet.Planner controls and delivers financial plans, budgets, and forecasting capabilities that are the lifeblood of your operational performance management tools, and enables drill-down to document level for your analysis. 

Market leading Disclosure Management reporting packs

Disclosure Management is delivered by our partner, AMANA SmartNotes – a market leader in the production of all business-ready reporting requirements. LucaNet and AMANA share the same underlying technology, making the production of reports seamless and simple. 

Freedom to choose your BI application

Business Intelligence can be delivered by almost any current system that you are using. With its open architecture, LucaNet can be seamlessly integrated into any business intelligence environment using access via MDX-Statements or XMLA/ODBO.

"The design and easy operation of the software directly appealed to us. Apart from exchanging experiences with reference customers of LucaNet AG, the parallel reproduction of a financial statement compliant with the German Commercial Code and IFRS, and also the possibility to create planning scenarios in the software, have tipped the scales for LucaNet."