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SmartNotes Factory - Financial statements as easy as off the assembly line

Disclosure Management

Are you fed up with the manual creation process of your individual financial statements and the associated error-proneness and lack of transparency? In this compact webinar we will demonstrate how you can use the SmartNotes Factory to design your individual financial statements securely and efficiently in the shortest possible time.

Group of participants

The event is aimed at specialists and executives from accounting and controlling who are responsible for the creation of individual financial statements.

Agenda / content

  • Overview - Disclosure Management
  • Startegic Partnership AMANA consulting GmbH
  • Challenges in creating financial statements
  • Overview Factory Module
  • Product presentation
  • Your added value



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Dennis Rost
Dennis Rost
Consultant Disclosure Management, LucaNet AG
faizar butt
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Faizar Butt
Business Development Manager