Record to Report: Process and Best Practice in Financial Consolidation

Get Ready for a faster Financial Close!

How exactly? You will learn from our conversations between LucaNet's UK Consultant, Abi Olawuyi and our experts: Lead Product Financial Applications at LucaNet AG, Lars Hilgefort and Senior Product Manager FinApps at LucaNet AG, Johann Bürkner. 

Our speakers bring in a sheer amount of experience from working with different companies through the whole reporting process and an understanding of their needs. With that, they will take you through the holistic view of the process. They will also dive into the process flow itself, from the single entity but also group-level reporting point of view. Finally, they will look at the biggest challenges and bring in the best practices!


  • What is Record to Report
  • The Record to Report Process
  • The Biggest Challenges in the Process
  • Best Practices for Financial Close reporting  

Who should attend?

  • Groups' Financial Controllers
  • Finance Team responsible for groups' consolidated financial reporting
  • Groups where consolidations are being carried out in Excel
  • CFOs looking to invest in digital transformation

Sit back, enjoy your coffee and invest in your successful future!


07/09/2022 3:00 PM - 3:30 PM GMT Register


Lars Hilgefort
Lars Hilgefort
Lead Product Financial Applications, LucaNet AG
Johann Buerkner
Johann Bürkner
Senior Product Manager FinApps, LucaNet AG
Abi Olawuyi
Abi Olawuyi
FI Consultant, LucaNet