Software for Generating Financial Reports

The Last Mile Of Finance

SmartNotes by our partner AMANA consulting GmbH, is the perfect tool to help you generate your financial and business reports.

Like LucaNet, SmartNotes is the market leader in its segment. Combining the two products gives the customer a solution that covers every aspect of consolidated financial statement generation, right up to the publication of ready-to-print business reports. What both systems have in common is their user-friendliness – business users can do everything themselves.

With the SmartNotes editing system, you can put an end to the error-strewn process of editing a multitude of documents from different sources, and also to time-consuming correction procedures. Once it has automatically adopted the basic data from LucaNet, SmartNotes can generate all your external and internal reports at the push of a button – from group business reports to presentations for the Executive and Supervisory Boards.

+ Services and Advantages

  • Flexible solution for creating multilingual financial reports
  • Combines tables, charts, figures and continuous text
  • Direct access to all files stored in LucaNet
  • Allows multiple users to edit sections of the report in parallel
  • Clear reporting concept provides workflow support
  • Built-in audit trail function: logs all changes made to the report
  • Comprehensive validation and consistency checks for the mapped data, taking rounding differences into account
  • Offers a range of output file formats, including Word, PPT, XBRL and InDesign
  • Professional layout design for ready-to-print delivery
  • And much more...

+ Why Smart Notes?

  • Unique inventive genius: SmartNotes is not just “the Original“, but also offers ongoing ideas „from practice, for practice“
  • Validation/rounding: No other disclosure management system offers comparable data management performance capabilities
  • Perfect SAP integration: No other financial reporting tool offers a better connection to SAP and other import possibilities
  • Printing proofed micro layout: The unique “lay-out-robot“ allows to generate ready for press results directly
  • User-friendly: No other system can be handled more intuitively
  • More profound XBRL-integration: The XBRL-processor is an integrated part of the system, it is „built in“ instead of „bolted on“
  • Accounting know-how: The knowledge of our implementation partners leave no question unanswered
  • Extensive customer base: We arrange contacts to real credentials!

"In our view, the LucaNet software satisfies with its great user-friendliness and flexibility. The database architecture is based on the newest standard of technology. Furthermore, the diverse functions for consolidation, planning and reporting present a very intelligent, well-conceived system."