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Learning how to deal with stress at work
Welcome news on contingency reserves?
No Need to Fear Lease Accounting with our New IFRS 16 App
Spotlight on LucaNet UK
Get on the LucaNet 12 release train
Meet our Customer Relationship Team
Save the date - LucaNet World 2019


EDITION 2 2018

EDITION 2 2018

Featured in Edition 2…

  • IFRS 16 - are you ready?

  • A new framework for accounting standards?

  • Growth at Any Cost? - One Englishman’s view of Brexit

  • And more

EDITION 1 2018

EDITION 1 2018

Featured in Edition 1…

  • How Blockchain is changing our financial systems

  • The Controller as a Data Scientist – Lord of the Data

  • A professor’s insight on deferred taxes, US tax reform, and reporting

  • And more