A Clearer View for Your Financial Department

Understanding business performance is a critical activity for any financial department. LucaNet Financial Performance Management enables a complete solution that delivers fast results in a timely manner in a system that our users love.

A simple solution to a complex process

Find out why now is the time to switch to LucaNet Financial Performance Management in our free White Paper ‘Get More Clarity about Your Financial Data’

Read the White Paper to find out how LucaNet Financial Performance Management provides

•  Clear financial figures
•  All finance data available in real time
•  Automated work solutions for the entire breadth of your financial controlling

If you recognise the following challenges in your organisation, now is the time to move to LucaNet

•  A holistic view over your financial data is difficult to achieve.
•  The complex compiling of financial statements is a cause for headaches.
•  You have too little time to analyse your data.
•  You spend too much time on the lookout for errors.
•  You want to be able to complete consolidation, planning, reporting, and analysis on one single platform.