Less growth – More happiness?

Issue 02/2018

client magazine issue 2 2018

Is it imperative that we keep growing at any price – be it as a company or as an economy? We look at this important question from various perspectives in the second English edition of our client magazine. Read for yourself whether there is a satisfying answer to these questions. Also, don't miss the interview with our CTO and member of the Executive Board, Rolf-Jürgen Moll, about our new release policy. And of course, this issue also covers all the latest LucaNet news.

The English edition of our half-yearly client magazine – “simply intelligent” – is an important step that reflects our strong international growth. The columns A Professor’s Insight, Add-on and Knowledge convey concrete information for your daily professional life, while in Spotlight we take a closer look at a relevant topic from a variety of perspectives. Under People and Worldwide, you will find interviews with people from the LucaNet community. In the last section, After Work, you’ll find a brainteaser, as well as helpful tips for your free time and working routines.

Enjoy reading!