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Bring Your Financial Data To Life

Due to its open architecture, LucaNet can be seamlessly integrated into any business intelligence environments using access via MDX-Statements or XMLA/ODBO. As a result, you are able to leverage standard Business Intelligence solutions with individual requirements for planning, reporting and analysis of other topic areas. This opens up an extensive and completely integrated world of reporting for users, with the maximum level of transparency.

To display the data from LucaNet and other data sources in a standardised interface, you can supplement the possibilities offered by basic technologies from Microsoft with professional software products from other BI manufacturers.

+ Features and Benefits - Microsoft Excel

  • Creation of an inexpensive, group-wide uniform platform for the reporting system
  • Access to LucaNet via the analysis services (Pivot/Power-Pivot)
  • Classic preparation options within MS Excel
  • Publication of the data using the Microsoft SharePoint serve

+ Features and Benefits - Your Choice Of BI Provider

  • Creation of a group-wide uniform platform for the reporting system
  • Certified interface for accessing all LucaNet data ("LucaNet Certified Interface")
  • Parallel access to any number of relational and multidimensional databases, for example:
    -SAP BW
    -IBM TM1
    -Microsoft SQL Server incl. Analysis Service
    -Oracle Essbase
    -LucaNet.Financial OLAP Server / LucaNet.Financial Warehouse
  • Professional dashboarding with extensive graphical preparation options incl. corporate design
  • Automatic, time-controlled iterative report distribution
  • Complete MS Office integration for creating annual reports (MS Excel, MS Word, MS PowerPoint)
  • Representation of complex, multi-stage workflows and release routines
  • Complete mobile integration across all devices via HTML 5

"Because LucaNet is so easy to use, it's a very practical tool. Once you're familiar with the navigation buttons, it's easy to locate the right data. My colleague has only been working here for a couple of months but she can already retrieve the information she wants from LucaNet herself."