Narrative reporting made easy: With LucaNet and Certent

The partnership between LucaNet, provider of Corporate Performance Management (CPM) software for finance and Certent, Inc., a leading provider of software-as-a-service solutions for narrative reporting, equity management and financial disclosure management, has reached a new milestone. After only six months of partnership, LucaNet and Certent have made the lives of customers easier by providing them with the ideal solution for their annual report preparation.

But how exactly does a software for narrative reporting help you with your annual reports? And which advantages does a tool for narrative performance reporting offer? Read our blog post to find out.

About LucaNet’s CPM software for finance and narrative reporting

LucaNet’s CPM software for finance covers every process in the finance department with a single system and a single database. The solution handles the complete process of preparing consolidated financial statements and generates reports with the push of a button. The solution offers you a comprehensive overview of everything – from historical figures and actual data to your planned financial data.

Narrative reporting with Certent’s CDM solution

Certent, Inc., founded in 2002, helps customers elevate their business with smart, intuitive solutions for modern finance. The advanced solutions for equity management, disclosure management, and narrative reporting help business and finance leaders improve accuracy, save time, and get more done. The company operates in seven countries and serves over 2,400 public, private, and pre-IPO companies around the world.

Certent's Disclosure Management platform accesses the financial consolidation and FP&A data within LucaNet and dynamically links it across Microsoft products. With this, it provides real-time data integration to management, board reports in Microsoft PowerPoint® and narrative reports produced in Microsoft Word®, ensuring compliance with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), the European Securities and Markets Authority (ESMA), and other global regulatory bodies. A dynamic link from all source data points directly into reports means customers benefit from real-time updates to one version of the truth.

What our partners think about the narrative reporting software

David J. Nissen, Managing Partner at PKF Mueller, one of LucaNet’s most important implementation partners in the US, says about the cooperation: “The partnership of LucaNet with Certent will provide customers with a software suite that can reliably complete the full marathon of reporting: from collection, preparation, and presentation to final regulatory submission.”

“The Certent and LucaNet combined solution will change the way finance teams across the globe collect data, prepare consolidated financial statements, and produce internal and external reports”, said Jorge Martin, CEO of Certent, Inc. “This natural partnership will allow both companies to deliver additional value to existing customers and bring a comprehensive offering anchored in familiar Microsoft applications to companies across the globe.”

By integrating the consolidation and reporting process, companies can complete the financial close, consolidate and report cycle. Additionally, they can connect to key planning and forecasting data for enhanced management and internal narrative reporting, giving finance teams increased efficiency and reduced risk.

This is why with LucaNet and Certent, preparing annual reports is an easy and ideal solution:

  • Produce ready-to-print financial reports automatically.
  • Work with flexible software that offer direct data integrations.
  • Create consistent and transparent reports with validated data.

However, due to an increase in multiple data sources, remote teams in times of corona, and the need to react quickly to changing stakeholder needs – How confident can you be in your data to create the perfect narrative performance report?

Let us help you to get rid of that obstacle for a reliable and more transparent future to come.

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