LucaNet UK Limited Announce the Addition of Tagra Management Systems Limited to Our Partner Community

Gavin Allen, Managing Director of LucaNet (UK) Limited commented “Having a partnership with Tagra represents a significant step in the growth of the LucaNet business here in the UK. Having personally worked with several members of the Tagra team in the past, they collectively bring a fantastic pedigree and heritage across several technologies, being specifically expert in data organisation and comprehensive understandings of Office of Finance needs, which in my opinion is unrivalled within our technology space. With such an outstanding track record of client success, specific industry verticals in local authorities and Governmental departments, as well as an in depth understanding of data, it’s a delight to have you as part of the LucaNet family. Your collective experience and capabilities are sure to bring a different characteristic to the LucaNet business here in the UK.”


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