You actual historic data is a vital component of Financial Performance Management.

The importance of being able to connect, extract, transform and then load data is often a component of financial performance management that is overlooked. LucaNet has brought this to the forefront of what we do, by having dedicated connectors and components to simply manage this initial process seamlessly. Couple again with a dedicated components for remote data form gathering, and exposing our in memory multi-dimensional model to any business intelligence solution, LucaNet provides the complete vision for financial performance management, from data through to analysis.

The most difficult and time consuming part of introducing software is often its integration with the existing infrastructure, in particular, the connection to source systems. Often the most difficult – and therefore most time-consuming part of introducing new software is often its integration with the existing infrastructure, in particular, the connection with source systems. This is not the case with us: We have developed a tool for you which can be used immediately. On the one hand, it automatically transfers data from various operating systems neatly into our database and on the other hand, it enables you to write enter data in relational and multidimensional databases equally easily.

Numerous ready-to-use converters to all common ERP- and financial accounting systems

  • Converter to MS Excel and relational data bases
  • Import of individually configurable Excel reporting packages
  • Preparation of individually definable ETL scripts
  • Directly accessible import of all documented information, including cost centres, partner codes and transaction types
  • Value breakdowns according to deposited IC-receivables or liabilities by collective accounts without partner code
  • Drill down to document level
  • Automatic account assignment on the basis of either standard or individual account framework of a consolidated group
  • Status monitor for supervision of all data imports

The ability to capture underlying actual financial and non-financial records quickly, efficiently and robustly should be the foundations of any financial performance management solutions. Without verified and auditable reference data, then the main stream components of consolidation, planning, reporting and analysis become almost irrelevant. Therefore by having an array of pre-built, proven data connectors, means solutions can be up and running very quickly, with the baseline information ready to go, verified and audited before the main activities of financial performance management itself. 

With LucaNet, we bring this initial stage of data loading and importing, as well as remote template data capture, into the office of finance, ensuring that full data lineage and transparency is present. Through a few simple clicks of the mouse, users can understand the nature and sources of the data they see in the reports, and in turn allow them to forecast and plan more accurately etc. Traditionally the process of data extracting, transforming and loading has been hidden “behind the scenes” from finance. 

Like all of the components of LucaNet, our brand values flow throughout; simply reliable, simply connective, simply flexible, simply transparent and simply integrated.

Join us at our Open House event in Epsom on 15th November 2016, and invite you to bring your trial balance data, and see how quickly we can breathe life into your financials.

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