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Gavin Allen, Managing Director

"Modern businesses today, irrespective of their business sector, are all about more agile, accurate, faster and accountable information. Delivering those outputs in traditional statement style reports, as well more dynamic analytical and visual information, and in addition supporting both internal and external governance and controls, are key themes being witnessed in today’s highly competitive business place. Addressing the above, businesses nearly always turn to the “office of finance” to provide not only the core and essential financial consolidation (beyond mere aggregation), but also the forward looking budgets, plans and forecasts, that are completely integrated with the consolidated actuals, and the outputs from all these areas being delivered in modern reporting and business outputs. LucaNet really is a winner, and having spent over 25 years working in both finance and IT, am delighted to be working with LucaNet.“

A qualified accounting professional, having spent his formative years working his way up through the accounting profession for over 10 years, who then moved into technology by chance following a corporate implementation of a leading ERP system. Now approaching some 20 years in this technology space, having worked with partners and vendors alike (including IBM Cognos, Tagetik, BOARD and Adaptive Insights), am now delighted to working with LucaNet as managing director of their UK and Ireland business division. It is a delight to be working with LucaNet, who bring a family feel to the world of financial performance management, along with what I believe is a truly agile and revolutionary approach to financial consolidation, planning, budgeting and forecasting, disclosure and reporting and analysis, along with the very latest in memory computing techniques, for blazingly fast performance and optimisation.

Gavin Allen is responsible for the LucaNet UK & Ireland Subsidiary Division.

GAVIN ALLEN, KEYNOTE PRESENTER - LucaNet World 2016, Professional Feedback

Hello Gavin, 

As we have not be working together in the preparation of your speech, you get this feedback just as part of LucaNets efforts to deliver better and more streamlined benefits to its customers.

Before I could say anything about doing something in a different or maybe even more impactful way in your part of the keynote, we’d have to agree about your specific goals and check those against what was achieved. As it is, I can only put it into the context of what I know about the company strategy for the keynote, which leaves me with not much to bicker about. So please don’t think I’m overly enthusiastic if I can’t find anything but praise. In fact, I’d love to use the video of your speech as an example inside LucaNet for colleagues to learn from. But let me elaborate which aspects (from my point of view) were most important for the impact of the message you delivered:

The central strength of your speech for me seems to be the clear structure and the concise statements, delivered convincingly and heads on. No lingo, and just the right amount of enthusiasm. You set forward claims people might be sceptical about ("LucaNet does it best in the field!") and develop believable examples/proof to support those claims („I know, because I worked with all of them.“).

Doing that, you embrace being a bit „non-corporate“ (which means „human“). That is refreshing and shows a strong belief system that makes it very easy to relate to you as a person and to form a strong relationship. Standing for something as a person lets your credibility rub off onto the company quite convincingly, which perfectly serves the more emotional/trust based goal aspect of a keynote.

Using some potential dissent, you prepare the audience for a discussion which can develop nicely afterwards. The healthy bit of provocation I perceive spices things up. It gives the audience the impression „They decided in a certain way as a result of sound thinking.“, which shows spine and grit.

It was a nice trick when you put the motto on the banner into your speech - smooth!

Using the insecurity of decision makers to illuminate the difficulties of acting with even too much information was a smart move. It makes the audience feel understood and possibly opens up a new line of thought for some of them, which can lead to more interest and potentially sales und customer loyalty. Talking about simplifying analysis and guaranteeing the quality of data implies a very strong orientation towards user benefits and shows you know what the key points are.

You sell strong opinions about LN software quality and you stand for it. Quite convincing. No wavering, no overdoing.

Your voice is relaxed and induces trust. The audience contact is a very direct dialogue. Smooth, calm, energised. Your voice melody is vivid and easy to listen to.

All of the above lets me think that you make an excellent brand ambassador, with just the right amount of cheekiness. („I’m an accountant. I love numbers to bits.“). The reaction of the audience supports my assessment, as it was proven by the duration and the quality of applause.

Ekkehard Endruweit, Diplom Sprechwissenschaftler
Geschäftsführender Gesellschafter


Highlights from our recent UK event, with guest corporate speakers and some of our UK clients alike discussing how LucaNet has benefited them, and our key values.

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"Since the introduction of LucaNet, our work structures have been simplified substantially. We have gained time, thanks to the modern analysis options and the convenient import of data using the interfaces to SAP and Excel. The good price-performance ratio with regard to our requirements, the very high user-friendliness and the option of customising largely on our own, also convinced us to select LucaNet."