Software for Faster and Efficient Data Transfer

Solving Your Financial Data Challenges

Often the most difficult – and therefore most time-consuming part of introducing new software is the integration with existing infrastructure, and in particular, the connection with source systems. We have developed LucaNet.Importer which you can use immediately. LucaNet.Importer automatically transfers data from various operating systems neatly into our database and also enables you to write data in relational and multidimensional databases effortlessly. Simply Rapid.


+ Features

  • Numerous ready-to-use converters to all common ERP- and financial accounting systems
  • Converter to MS Excel and relational data bases
  • Import of individually configurable Excel reporting packages
  • Preparation of individually definable ETL scripts
  • Directly accessible import of all documented information, including cost centres, partner codes and transaction types
  • Value breakdowns according to deposited IC-receivables or liabilities by collective accounts without partner code
  • Drill down to document level
  • Automatic account assignment on the basis of either standard or individual account framework of a consolidated group
  • Status monitor for supervision of all data imports

+ Your Benefits

Simply reliable

  • Thanks to standardised data models and ETL processes, LucaNet.Importer minimises project risk and ensures smooth data transfer.

Simply easy

  • LucaNet.Importer is an easy-to-use, operated intuitively tool. You don't need any previous technical knowledge to get your full advantage out of it.

Simply fast

  • With LucaNet, time-consuming training phases are history. This means you can get to data analysis even faster.

Simply flexible

  • LucaNet.Importer can be connected to various data sources. Not only are all current relational databases supported, it is also possible to access files, the internet and multidimensional databases.

Simply transparent

  • LucaNet.Importer enables you to drill down to document level. Thus, every single number is available in a comprehensible and transparent manner.

"Performing consolidation using Excel was too time-intensive and prone to error with regard to inter-company reconciliation. We therefore searched for a professional solution in this area and decided to go with LucaNet. The software can be flexibly expanded, and new companies and group structures can be created with ease. In all of my career, I have never encountered software that was as rapidly implemented and is as user-friendly as LucaNet. The high degree of transparency and comprehensibility of the data also won me over."